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If you run Kodi on hardware-limited platform, such as, for example, raspberry PI and problem comes to operating systems, you available three basic method: Libre, OpenELEC or OSMC. All these OS were invented specifically for work on limited hardware — TV or other devices. Most will function only on certain platforms, and all of them include in composition some form of Kodi, as a built-in function. in this material we give a Comparison of OSMC Vs operating systems. OpenELEC Vs. LibreELEC, libreelec or openelec and begin with short discuss the history the aforementioned three .

As you see all three linked to a specific extent. We will be use the Raspberry Pi in the roles of our comparative guide, since all three operating systems compatible with her. In situations, if you strangers with this device, represent Raspberry PI and briefly discuss it dominant functional, advantages and limitations. After that we introduce each operating system, consider them installation and their operation.

To better know what distinguishes them one from the other, and how they are similar, helps realize where went LibreELEC, OpenELEC, OSMC. Oldest of trio is Openelec. It started back in 2009 as another OS Linux, OS with free source code. This solution was unique, because mostly it was intended for run XMBC, ancestor Kodi. He is had a extra packages, that allow the majority of of distributions Linux to do the original PC suitable for decision task machine. OS at that time was most operational and efficient.

When Raspberry PI was launched in twelfth, it instantly became suitable budget platform for development multimedia computer. OpenELEC ported to this site, which has all necessary functionality. Its built-in IN the media and the ability to function on a shoestring equipment did it ideal tool.

The young from described OS - LibreELEC, published only March sixteenth. It was released by a group of former specialists OpenELEC, abandoned the project due to "creative differences". Rumors, most of them cooperate with the command LibreELEC.

Conclusions: honest and impartial opinion about which of the three best to choose. it is Obvious that can be more of one answer to a specified question.

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