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Larias Karius, Liverpool's doorstep, complained that he had to go to the semi-finals to get a chance to celebrate after the Champions League semi-final in Rome on Wednesday.

After finishing the game "Reds" finalists with a score of 7-6, most of the players to celebrate the championship in the Olympic Stadium. Stadium with fans. Then there was the fun in the dressing room.

Kari Uedu was pleased with his teammates because they had to go through the checkup until the 1 hit before returning to the hotel at the brackish.

"I was pulled to checkout, I did not return to the hotel, so I missed the dressing room," says the German.

"This is not what you want, because they take off immediately. I can not go back in the dressing room. But it must be that way. "

"If anyone told me that we would get into the Champions League final. I do not know. I will check the mother all day. "

"The hotel has a family and friends. Everyone celebrates a bit at the lower level lobby. There is nothing crazy but everyone is very happy. It's good to be with them. "

"There are many players who are very tired. So this is the perfect way to end the night. "

Now the team from Anfield are preparing to make history for the sixth time, but they have to meet with Real. Real Madrid in the final game.

"Especially after we beat Manchester. City is impressive. We thought, "Wow. We are cool We can create something special here. "

"I think the two games are very meaningful and bring us closer together. Both ways we play and with the fans in the first game. They are amazing. We are a great team. You see what I think. Everyone is working together.maxbet

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