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 Betreff des Beitrags: Beautiful daisy wallpaper
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Chrysanthemums are present on Earth for a long time, and the flower is more preferred. By not only the gentle beauty and pleasant aroma, but also has significant chrysanthemum show noble, optimistic, thoughtful. Chamomile used very popular, according to the purpose for which they choose the kind of daisies, colors as well as the number of flowers. The picture chrysanthemum nothing alien to each of us, but through the lens of the photographer photographs colorful chrysanthemum becomes shimmering and more attractive people's hearts. Visit free flowers wallpaper to add plenty of attractive daisy wallpaper.
Chrysanthemums bred today should have a lot of color, style. Yellow daisy flowers modern bright yellow outside there are white, purple, pink ... In particular, the group spent daisies (chrysanthemum twiggy or beam) is everyone's favorite by the softness and color greatly extra.
Today, chamomile has many different colors such as white daisies, yellow daisy, chrysanthemum robins, Marigold, .... And each of chamomile has a meaning, different messages: white chrysanthemums symbolize a noble heart, honesty. Yellow Daisies expressed esteem, joy, joy. Purple daisies expressed nostalgically when to split, separation. Western chrysanthemum is a symbol of maturity. Marigold: Send convey sadness, disappointment. Contemporary daisy flowers bring optimism, fun. Persian chrysanthemum symbol of innocence, purity.
In China, the meaning of the chrysanthemum is a symbol of longevity. So far, the daisy flower still be cast on 1 RMBcoin.
Also in Japan, chrysanthemum is a symbol of wealth, high, your right. In particular, the chrysanthemum is usually printed on the emblem, medal.
Meanwhile, in Vietnam, daisy images associated with the dutiful, loving parents.
In particular, according to feng shui, daisies also bring family fortune, as well as the joy of the New Year. The small pot or vase of daisies daisy-being can help stabilize indoor air.
We have a collection of free 3d wallpaper, let's watch and share these stunning images at free Hd wallpapers offline. Wallpapers with high-resolution will give you a sense of realism and vivid, to help you unwind and relax at your own workplace!

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