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I pulled up at the scene. The stink of fuel and skidding tyres was on the air. The blue lights from a police car nike air force 270 hyper jade for sale , threw an otherworldly hue over the scene, like an on off switch in a nightmare. The first thing I heard was a woman crying. The first thing I saw is seared into my brain, my soul, forever..

2 vehicles, in one a mum and her 3 YO boy, in the other a twenty YO man had smashed. Maybe collided is the wrong word, smashed nike air force 270 red white for sale , mangled, unrecognisable wreckage covered in dirt, stink and death might be closer, but destruction like this defies words. The man perhaps mercifully, was dead.

I say this because I can’t imagine living with the guilt of driving with five times the legal limit of alcohol in your system and becoming a murderer. His body was hanging in a tree 20 metres from the scene. He looked like a ragdoll out of a Tim Burton movie, crucified by his own selfishness. Somehow he had lost a shoe. The mother was in shock, wedged between folds of metal in the driver’s seat nike air force 270 ream red for sale , she had minor abrasions and her leg was severely broken. She was screaming.

But her screams were for us to help Sam, her three year old son. He was beyond help. His legs and torso lay wedged between the rear seat and the road. But the other half of his body had been severed and thrown by the force of the crash, to the side of the road where they lay mangled and unrecognisable. I often ask myself who’s fault is this? Clearly the man-boy, old enough to drive, not old enough to make good decisions, shoulders most of the blame. However, there are other contributing factors. We issue licences to eighteen year olds and the decision making centres in their brains are not fully formed.We provide booze to these young people at licenced venues nike air force 270 black purple for sale , with little thought about what actions they might take after drinking.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Australian bar workers have to do a responsible service of alcohol course and have a current RSA certificate. When bar staff do an RSA Certificate, they learn not only about the horrible consequences of serving intoxicated patrons, but also how to recognise intoxication, how to refuse service and arrange transport. It is essential that anyone serving alcohol do an RSA Certificate and that staff and management at the venue support responsible service practices. A venue should also have good house policies and effective ongoing staff training.

So am I saying servers are to blame for people drink driving? No, because ultimately patrons are responsible for their own actions. But an intoxicated young man is the result of a series of individual decisions made by various staff, some good, some bad. At some point nike air force 270 carnivore for sale , he was still served, even though he was clearly drunk. If we want to reduce the harm done to groups like minors and young men, then we all have to work together and agree to implement responsible service principles consistently. When you next do your RSA Certificate, don’t just coast through it, engage with it, take it back to work and talk about, use it. You just might save someone like Sam.

To your RSA Certificate nike air force 270 medium olive mens for sale , contact Peter. His long years of experience and valuable RSA Certificate website is at your service.

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 14 (Xinhua) -- As American universities will start the new school year in weeks, concerns are raising over safety of international students who will face a new American setting filled with unfamiliar risks and even threats.

From his understanding, officer Wade MacAdam, who works with UC Berkeley Police Department's Safety Programs, expected international students to be more alert, not only on surroundings but on personal property as well nike air force 270 medium olive for sale , as they are more likely to be "easy target."

He said in a recent interview with Xinhua that safety has always been a real issue for international students to take into consideration seriously, especially for those from China, following the kidnapping of Zhang Yingying, a visiting scholar at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in June and her whereabouts still remains a mystery.

"UC Berkely is in the downtown area, so we are not secluded. We don't have any walls, we are an open environment," said MacAdam nike air force 270 atmosphere shoes for sale , implying that security risks outside campus post a challenge.

"International students need to have street smart and be aware of their surroundings," he said, adding that their parents also need to remember that students are not in a secluded protected area.

Information released by the campus police shows that robbery, theft and assault are among the most common crimes that happen on and around Berkeley campus.

MacAdam said that they find students from China are very affectionate and warm to people around them, which might make them vulnerable when it comes to safety.

"We just want to remind them that some people might want to trick them, or to prey on them," he explained.

"They might talk to them on the sidewalk nike air force 270 sherbert for sale , and ask them some questions, or try to convince them to give them money, or talk to them as a distraction while their friends might come out of the bushes and take their property."

According to his advise, Chinese students need to be mindful of surroundings and on the guard as they interact with people, even if they want to be friendly and enjoy their visit here, with the awareness that some people might want to take advantage of them and look at them as an easy target.

In the case of Zhang Yingying, it's known that the 26-year-old female got a ride in a car driven by someone strange to her on the campus while running on her way to sign a new apartment lease.

The man driving the car was arrested later and accused of kidnapping Zhang. The young scholar is now presumed dead unfortunately.

Keeping vigilant against theft is another piece of security tip offered by MacAdam to international students nike air force 270 mens black silver for sale , who he finds have a lot valuables, such as.

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