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COLUMBIA Adidas Originals Superstar Pride Pack Blancas Negras Baratas , S.C. — Jeb Bush drops out of the Republican race for president, ending a bid that drew a staggering level of financial support from donors but failed to win over voters angry with Washington and leery of sending another member of the Bush family to the White House.

BEIJING, Dec. 17 (Xinhua) -- Another Chinese businesswoman involved in the corruption case of former railway minister Liu Zhijun was sentenced to seven years in prison by a local court in Beijing Wednesday.

Hou Junxia was convicted of illegal business operations, according to a verdict by the Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People's Court.

The court also confiscated 80 million yuan (12.9 million U.S. dollars) of Hou's personal property.

On Tuesday, her mother, Ding Yuxin Adidas Originals Superstar II Blancas Baratas , better known for former name Ding Shumiao, received a 20-year jail term for bribery and illegal business operations.

Ding, the main power broker in railway minister's case, also was fined 2.5 billion yuan and had 20 million yuan in personal property confiscated.

Ding, together with several others, including her daughter Adidas Superstar Blancas Plata Baratas , helped 23 railway construction contractors win bids for 57 railway projects between 2007 and 2010. The illegal commission fee amounted to over 3 billion yuan (484 million U.S. dollars), the court found.

Liu himself was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve for bribery and abuse of power on July 8 last year.

PARIS, Dec. 3 (Xinhua) -- Faouzi Lamdouni, one of French President Francois Hollande's advisors resigned on Wednesday over accusations of "misuse of company funds" and "tax fraud" in two companies he was connected with, the presidency office said.

Lamdouni, Hollande's advisor at the Elysee on equality and diversity "presented his resignation to have the means to defend himself after appearing before a judge on charges related to acts dating in 2007 and 2008."

The resignation of his close ally won't be a good music to the ears of the Socialist head of state Hombre Adidas Superstar Pharrell Supershell Negras Amarillo Baratas , already weakened by a series of scandals involving his ministers and advisors.

A few days ago, junior minister for veterans Kader Arif announced his resignation over a corruption probe accusing him to favor relatives to enjoy public contracts.

In September, just nine days after he was handed trade portfolio, Thomas Thevenoud was forced to step down, after reports revealed he had not paid income taxes for three years.

Earlier this year, Hollande's chief communications adviser Aquilino Morelle Adidas Mujer Superstar Slip On Rosa Blancas Baratas , resigned over charges of conflict of interest linked to his work for pharmaceutical firms.

The last name in the list is budget minister Jerome Cahuzac who was forced to quit the executive staff in March 2013 over alleged financial wrongdoings.


HOBART, Australia, May 23 (Xinhua) -- China and Australia have partnered together to open a state of the art ocean research facility in Hobart in Australia's Tasmania state.

The Centre for Southern Hemisphere Oceans Research (CSHOR) is a vital collaboration, in which China's Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology (QNLMST) will work alongside Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) to enhance scientific understanding of the globe's future climate.

""Although we are not geographically close, the southern hemisphere's oceans can have a huge impact on the climate of Asia and can also affect rainfall in China,"" QNLMST director Wu Lixin told Xinhua at the launch Monday.

Scientists have known for a long time that warmer ocean cycles in the Pacific Adidas Originals Superstar Slip On Trainer Negras Baratas , referred to as El Nino events, often bring drought to the Australian mainland.

Similarly, when the ocean cycles are cooler and a La Nina event is in effect, the cycle can cause heavy rain and flooding.

But due to recent advances in research, scientists have now discovered the Indian Ocean also experiences such a phenomenon, and according to Steve Rintoul Adidas Originals Superstar Slip On Trainer Blancas Baratas , a climate scientist at the CSIRO, ""when those two events interact it can have devastating effects in Australian and on the South East Asian climate.""

""Our work at the centre will target how the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Southern Ocean interact to drive climate and also what changes are occurring with sea level rising,"" Rintoul said.

The facility is set to be a ground-breaking collaboration for marine research, and the relationship between China and the CSIRO is nothing new.

In fact, the long-standing partnership has lasted 40 years Adidas Originals Superstar Foundation Blancas Azules Baratas , with scientists from China and Australia leading the world in research cooperation.

""Last year we had a global ocean summit, following the G20 conference in China, and we got all the leaders from marine science around the world in our lab to discuss about how to build a global partnership,"" Wu said.

""We all reached a consensus that we should work together and this new centre is a follow-up to that meeting.""

The facility will receive 20 million Australian dollars (14.88 million U.S. dollars) in funding over five years and will be split evenly between the two countries, who will work closely with University of Tasmania and the University of New South Wales.

""All our research will be made public and will act to inform government,"" Rintoul said.

""We both believe that we should share things widely and as quickly as we can because then we all benefit.""

With such an expansive area to study Adidas Originals Superstar Foundation Negras Baratas , Rintoul believes cooperation is the best way to maximise resources.

""We will be looking at the tropics right down to Antarctica,"" Rintoul said.

""China is a rapidly developing and powerful research force in many, many fields, they have things that we don't have and we have things that they don't have, so that will make our partnership a really valuable one,"" Rintoul said.

Wu echoed these sentiments and emphasised his belief that ""global interaction and .

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