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Paintball is still a relatively new sport its only been around for about 27 years or so. Given its relative newness Darryl Roberts Jets Jersey , there are a surprising number of choices that players have when choosing a paintball gun. Often referred to as markers, paintball guns come in a variety of styles to fit just about any level of budget and playing style. The available types include pump, semi automatic, electronic, and pistol.

Pump markers are perhaps the oldest type of paintball gun available. The pump is a relatively simple gun to maintain and many people new to the sport choose it as a first weapon. Much like a shotgun Eric Tomlinson Jets Jersey , the pump marker requires a pump action in order to fire each round from the chamber. More avid players tend to stay away from pump guns as they can be slow on the field.

Moving up from the pump marker is the semi automatic paintball gun. The semi automatic is a favorite of many players as it has a much faster rate of fire than the pump gun. These markers also have the benefit of having a much more sensitive trigger. Combat enthusiasts will find many semi automatic military replicas to satiate the need to create a more realistic feeling. Semi automatic markers fire more pellets than their pump counterparts. The increased rate of fire will also increase the amount of pellets and CO2 that you use, increasing your cost on the field.

Electronic markers are the newest type of paintball guns available. These advanced markers use computer chips and an LCD panel to allow you to control the programming of the firing modes. The trigger on an electronic paintball gun is extremely sensitive. The benefits of an electronic marker include easy programming and fast switching between firing modes, increased accuracy and more accurate velocity control of the paint pellets, and an overall more responsive weapon. While an electronic marker may take your paintball game to a whole new level, it will definitely cost a pretty penny to do so.

Paintball pistols Brandon Shell Jets Jersey , like their real gun counterpart, are more of a backup weapon on the paintball field. They have a limited range and a limited round capacity. The perfect use of a pistol marker is as a backup weapon when you are forced to stop and reload your primary marker. Paintball pistols are not recommended for your main marker unless you are playing a particular game in which players are limited to the use of pistols.

Vast improvements have been made in the range and accuracy of paintball guns over the years. Many of these improvements come from paying closer attention to barrel length and mechanics. While a paintball rifle may never be able to match an actual rifle in accuracy, some of the more recent developments have made that discrepancy much less noticeable. When choosing which type of paintball gun to purchase for your ongoing play, it is important to try out as many different weapons on the field as possible. Also keep in mind the frequency at which you play as well as your budget. Some of the more fancy paintball markers may look good, but if you don t understand how to clean and care for your gun Wesley Johnson Jets Jersey , you won t get the most out of it.

A herdsman lassos horses during a horse lassoing competition in North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in July 2016. Photo: IC

Eight-hundred years after Genghis Khan created the largest continuous land empire in human history, his global influence continues today, especially among Chinese Mongolians.

Memorial rituals, large and small, take place all year round in the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan on the grasslands of Ordos Jermaine Kearse Jets Jersey , North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The grandest ceremony in the sacred mausoleum is held on the 21st day of the third lunar month each year, attracting as many as 100,000 ethnic Mongolians from the region and other places. People give offerings such as cooked mutton and tea bricks, and pray for happiness in the shrine, which comprises three yurt-like palaces.

Ancestor worship and pride

Genghis Khan (1162-1227) Josh Martin Jets Jersey , founder of the Mongol Empire, died aged 66 while attacking the Xixia Empire (1038-1227) in what is now northwestern China. The location of his tomb and body is unknown but sacrificial rituals have been held since the 13th century.

""With such convenient transport, more and more people are coming to attend the ceremony,"" said Qimbai, 36 Terrence Brooks Jets Jersey , a worker at the shrine. ""My responsibility is to pass on the sacrificial culture.""

The mausoleum was completed in 1955 and has undergone renovations and expansions several times since. The path to the mausoleum has 99 steps as Mongolians traditionally believe the number nine is lucky.

The Dalhut, or ""guards of the sacred mausoleum"" in Mongolian, protect the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan and are in charge of organizing the sacrificial services.

But unlike the previous Dalhut who lived lives of poverty, Dalhut members of staff in the mausoleum like Qimbai receive government salaries. Their living conditions have improved greatly over the years.

Life of herders

Great changes have taken place on the prairie since Inner Mongolia became the country's first autonomous region in 1947. Most herders have settled down and now live a life of greater material comfort.

Burenjargal, a herder on the outskirts of Xilinhot city Kony Ealy Jets Jersey , moved to a new house three years ago. With a TV set, tap water, a flush toilet and a gas stove, his possessions are almost no different from those of people living in cities.

Herders and farmers now flock to the region's towns. The region's urbanization rate for its permanent population rose from 55.5 percent in 2011 to 60.3 percent in 2015, or about 200 DeMario Davis Jets Jersey ,000 people moving into cities each year.

""Motorcycles were quite popular among herders for some time. But now, horse-riding has returned,"" he said, ""It looks elegant and helps health.""

Last year, his revenue from selling horse milk and. Wholesale Soccer Hoodies Cheap NHL Hats Free Shipping Cheap NBA Hats Free Shipping Cheap MLB Hats Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Hoodies

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