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Bayern Klopp consultant Normal Liverpool's day urged the team to grab the tickets to the Champions. League came to dominate by saying that the game meet Brighton this Sunday is the most important match throughout the year.

"The Reds" will go through to play the "Big E" next season immediately if not lose team new home in the season game.

From the game to find the real. Real Madrid in the Champions League The league still has more than 2 weeks to make a look at the game that Anfield is important.

The German coach said, "As long as we have not been to the Champions. League of hundred percent The last game was the most important in the season. "

"I've said so many times. All we do is create a foundation. We need these roots. Of course, the foundation is good because if we beat Brighton, we will go to the Champions League. "

"It's cool, but there's still work to do. I have no problem. It's not just the game with Chelsea (on Sunday), it's another game. With Tottenham and Everton in the house We lost points. "

"The situation was that, but there was no problem in this game. We have to play now, so we have to overcome. "

"No one thinks about the Champions League final. What if it's not like this?

"There are only games with Brighton and they deserve to be focused. They have a remarkable season. Chris Hughton works admirably. "

"Last night they changed positions and lost to Manchester City, but most of the team was lost there so it was not a sign. It's just the result. Now we must meet them on Sunday. "สมัคร sbobet

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