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Honey Joke "Salah" claim Clem Hattricks - warn caution, "Blu
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Autor:  tom [ So 15. Apr 2018, 03:30 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Honey Joke "Salah" claim Clem Hattricks - warn caution, "Blu

Jordan Henderson joins Harry "The Clem" Ken by saying Hassan Salah will appeal to Hattrick after Liverpool's home game overcame Bournemouth 3-0. Last night on Saturday night.

The games at Anfield, Salto Manne, Salah and Phnom Penh. Help each other hit the door. "Reds" kept three points clear.

After the game, the cannon Henderson. Out of the negative about the case, Ken appealed to a one-shot credit to Tottenham Hotspur in a game that beat Scots City 2-1 last weekend.

"See him (Salah) told me to claim every child," Henderson joked. "He's great. Is a great player He just needs to play like this. "

"With diligence. No-ball motion strength These make him an important player for us. So hopefully he will continue shooting. "

Meanwhile, Henderson believes that Ken also has the right to pursue the Sultan. "There is no way to escape Harry. He always shoots.

"He can hit a hat. He has a fantastic finish. I also like it. He (Salah) must continue shooting. And try to shoot as much as possible. "

Salah shot in the Premier League 30 goals to score five goals away Harry Ken.สมัคร sbobet

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