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Vincenzo Montere, the manager of the squad, Sevilla team face the merits of the defeat of the home defeat to Bayern Munich 1-2 of the top of the luck of the German team. The game looks better.

The game was better than Sevilla in the first half, breaking the door from Pablo Sarabbia, but only 5 minutes delighted Franck Ribery opened the rift. Jesus Nazzás turned into the door. Before the Tigers, the Cantabrian forward, Sergio S. Cueiro Tung netting became the goal.

After the match, former trainer AC. Milan lost the feeling of disappointment that at least this appointment Sevilla should not be defeated, but because of the nemesis.

"We have no luck at all, despite the fact that the team has done a very good job in tackling a strong team like Bayern Munich. We are a constant pressure and opportunity."

"If they do not include Bayern in their own way, they have zero chance in the first half. As we continue to endanger their backdrops,

"The first goal for Bayern was to say we really broke, including the second. We are unlucky to push the door like this. This is what we must accept fate, but by the good. "

"In the second half, we played down, because we were tired, because we spent a lot of energy in the first half. So it is dangerous for the team to play in the second half. "

However, the Italian boss insisted, despite the defeat in the first leg, but still not easy to hope to create a miracle to invade the "Southern Tiger" in the second leg.

"I am proud of this team. We have done a great job. Even now, the chance is flickering or almost impossible. But I guarantee that we will fight until the last drop. "sbobet8888

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Ein neues Thema erstellen Auf das Thema antworten  [ 1 Beitrag ] 

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