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 Betreff des Beitrags: 'Nettles' to break the half of Sevilla, sucked a lot of ghos
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Paul Scholes midfield legend commented halftime that Sevilla are not good enough to make Manchester United beat, but after the game back to criticize the old team.

Champions League second round 16 teams, two shots at the Old Trafford scored the first half with a 0-0 score, making the Red Devils a great prospect.

At halftime, Scholes has shown his respect.

BT Sport

"This team is terrible, Sevilla will be a terrible shot. United will win this game. "

Still, the game was 'Red Devils' hit by the temptation of Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Mendes to score a goal to bring Sevilla 2-1 win over the win.

After the game, Scholes showed another round. "On Saturday, Rashford played the left side was scary, but he was rocking to open the Sanchez to the position he thought was the best."

"He missed the ball too often, he has played 10 times and the manager must see. He did not do well. Mourinho has to choose three strikers, the most daring and cut one out, which is Sanchez this hour. "

"United are terrible. They do not control the game. They have no power and are easily defeated. "

"It's hard to define a sloth or a bad attitude. Mourinho said in an interview that he was happy with the attitude of the players, but he must protect the team. "

"Tonight the players made him disappointed by playing so much with the team that was not good. Here you are the 8 finalists for the Champions League. But I do not have the commitment. I do not know if this is the case, but it's not "

"You spend money, but we have to sit back and say that there are 3-4 players left. It's like they have a lot of money and spend it in a waste."sbo

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