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Long-term impact can be valuable for stronger sex, who want to enjoy sex longer. If you want have sex all weekend, Tadafil – great tool, which lasts almost 36 hours. Levitra and Viagra divide 2nd and 3rd places with time actions six and 4 hours respectively.

At the start time of action actually all drugs give similar results. However, leader here is Levitra - through half an hour of exercise after reception pills. Cialis can take a little more time, its work begins after 20-40 minutes after taking medicine. Viagra begins to work 40-60 minutes and will require a good planning in comparison with its "tribesmen".

All of remedies have a good work with food, liquor and different medications, that can be taken along.

must recommended consult the doctor, because specialist better understands how drug can combined with your daily condition.

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