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If your son or daughter is having a hard time getting motivated to find gainful employment then we have a few helpful suggestions to get them off the couch. It does not matter if they are a college graduate still athome or someone who has never left Baker Mayfield Youth Jersey , unemployed adults living with parents can cause stress on many levels. So if you have ever asked yourself,“My son won’t get a job what do I do”? Read on because here are a few suggestions that should prove helpful.


I get it, a college graduate is not going to want to flip burgers after earning their college degree. Hearing constant suggestions that they just go out and get any job is not going to help. Small steps are needed to get them off the couch and into a regular routine. Volunteer work is a great first step. Help them find something they are passionate about to help get them involved and engaged (music, pets, art, sports, even video games, Big brothers and similar organizations need mentors to just to spend time with younger kids). We have seen many come to us that have had high GPAs, that were dedicated students, have issues being motivated to pound the pavement and find a job. Finding a job is a fulltime job. They must understand that the job is not going to find them. Set the expectation that this will be hard work.

Overcoming past failures

Part of the lack motivation stems from past failures (resumes that go nowhere or failed interviews). The other might be the type of job that is available hardly motivates them to get out of bed. Besides volunteer work, as mentioned above, internships (paid or otherwise) can help them land key experience and confidence. As far as dealing with rejection is part of the job search process. Being prepared for an interview is a must. When you have that opportunity you must be ready. Fixing flaws and knowing how to answer “tell me about yourself” is key. Most interviews are decided in the first 5 minutes before you even get in to past experience or skills. Mock interviews practice and learning how to spin a negative into a positive is one of many ways to having a great interview.

The hard truth

Tough love is sometimes required and it’s an issue for this generation. The jobless rate for 20 – 25 year olds is 8.1%. If your child has everything they need, then what is going to motivate them to get off the couch?Are you enabling your son or daughter? Enable your child by doing a volunteer project together. Take them to work. Find ways to get them off the couch and engaged. Have them apply for jobs they do not want just for the practice and routine.

Avoid these common interview mistakes

When they do land an interview help them be ready. The number one mistake is not being prepared. Do research and be ready to ask questions about the company and how you would fit in. You must be prepared to answer “tell me about yourself” or you will fail the interview. Number two is poor verbal communication. You need to observe the interviewer’s style and try to match them. Do not tell the interviewer more than they need to know and remember they are not your friend. Absolutely no use of foul language or slang words, before, during or after the interview. Make sure your dress to impress. A first impression is so important. These and others issues seem so common sense but you would be surprised on how many people lack basic interview skills.

In summary

You can only lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink is a wise old saying. Encourage them and help push them when necessary but most are a product of their generation. Hopefully this helps make the couch a little less crowded.

Ross Calkins is an Interview Coach with MVPSource and a former Young Life youth counselor from Charlotte, North Carolina. He has helped people of all ages improve their interview skills and get hired.

Absolutely everyone is talking concerning the new upcoming game console by Sony, which can be Playstation Vita that is definitely going to be introduced late this 12 months. Get inside the know and discover what families happen to be conversing about, and why. This text discusses the fuss about this new handheld sport console.

In early 2011, every person was so energized about this new approaching handheld game console by Sony, which back again then was codenamed Sony NGP, or Sony Upcoming Generation Transportable. In June 2011, during the E3 Expo (Electronics Entertainment Expo) that happened with the Los angeles Convention Middle, Sony declared the official name for this new handheld sport console can be Playstation Vita, also referred to as PS Vita, oftentimes also created as PSVita, not having the area in somewhere between the phrase PS and Vita.

Critics have sensible praise for this equipment, with most recreation critics citing that it will quite possibly be the perfect handheld console in existence which may defeat Nintendo 3DS (also called 3DS) fingers down, and Nintendo 3DS was only launched February this yr (Japan) and March this calendar year in North The united states. Playstation Vita, or PS Vita is speculated to just take most of the industry share from Nintendo 3DS when it happens to be introduced. The official launch date for this console nevertheless hasn’t been introduced but, as of now. Yet, multiple have speculated the console will likely be introduced as early as November this yr in Europe, and undoubtedly immediately after Xmas this yr in North America. Though, it is only speculation and we are but still to listen to from Sony official reps related to the launch dates. A variety of have expressed their disappointmen. Cheap Jerseys Shop Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Football Jerseys Cheap NFL Football Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China

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