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"Lvivic" level does not mind hurry to move to the Premier League.
Cristiano Ronaldo, a youngster from Borussia Dortmund, insists there is no rush to move. After becoming the target of the major teams in the Premier League is now Liverpool has tried to grab him to join the team since 2016, while Manchester United are closely watching the players. It is expected that Pulitzer will become the next target for the big teams of the Premier League in the near future. 19-year-old Poole, this season is very good when the opportunity to play for the yellow shirts from 16. 17 matches in the Bundesliga 4 of 6 matches in UEFA. Champions League The pace will improve. But for Pulitzer, he still thinks. Self must also strive to develop their own pace. "I tried to set myself up as an aspiring professional footballer. Now I have some style that is. So I have to try to start from nothing small. Look for short-term goals. And look at the work we do in the game right now, what I want is to make it better. I work hard. What do I need to do? And it will try to make it out to be the best, "said Pulitzer.
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