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Synonyms: Povidone-iodine; Iodinated Povidone; Povidonum iodinatum comples of polyvinyl pyrrolidone and iodine
CAS No.: [25655-41-8]
SUNVIDONE® PI meets the requirements of the latest USP, Ph.Eur., JP. and CP.
AppearanceAmorphous Powder10% solution5% solution
PH value (1%)1.5-5.01.5-6.51.5-6.5
Iodide6.0% max.//
Loss on Drying8.0% max.//
Sulphated ash0.1% max//
Available iodine9.0-12.0%0.85-1.2%0.43-0.6
Loss of Available iodine
(1% available iodine, 15 hours at 80℃)6.0% max.
10.0% max.10.0% max.

SUNVIDONE® PI is a yellowish-brown or reddish-brown, free-flowing powder.
SUNVIDONE® PIS is a deep-brown solution of Sunvidone® PI in water. They are stable broad spectrum and non-selective germicidal antiseptics and disinfectant which have detoxified iodine, no general odor, no loss of iodine, no detectable vapor pressure. They are water soluble, Film-forming and effective in dilute solution.
SUNVIDONE® PI is noted for its wide range of uses.
Its major applications are in the field of prophylaxis:
-- skin and mucous membrane antisepsis
-- surgical and hygienic hand disinfection and in the field of treatment
-- treatment of burns, decubitus and varicose ulcers
-- use in the treatment of dermatomycosis, pyoderma and acne
-- use in the treatment of vaginitis
The advantage of SUNVIDONE® PI is that it can be incorporated in a wide range of formulations.
SUNVIDONE® PI -- 25KG net in fiber drum
SUNVIDONE® PIS -- 15ml to 500ml bottles or 50L to 200L PP drumPovidone iodine cream

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