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Model Number:LYW-41
Brand Name:LYW
Type:WPC Beam
Material:60% wood/bamboo powder,30% plastic,10% non-hazardous chemical addives
Color:Black, wood, brown, grey, etc
Features:Eco-friendly,non-pollution harmless and recyclable
Place of Origin:Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Main features of outdoor hollow WPC engineered beams for pergola
1.Looks and feels like nature wood
2.100% recycle, Can be decomposed,Environmental friendly,saving forest resources
3.Easy to install and clean ,low labor cost
4.Waterproof,mildew resistant,Moisture resistant,no rotting,low flame spread
5.Unaffected by termites and other insects
6.Stable over a wide temperature range ,Suitable from -40'C to 60'C
7.Barefoot friendly,anti-slip, Resistant to cracking and splitting
8.High capacity of UV-resistance, Fade resistant Durable
9.Available in different colors and wood grain design
10.Green ecological, Innovative technology, Lifestyle
About us
LYW wpc decking is ideal for domestic and commercial use, gardens and patios, walkways, pool areas, flat roof areas and marinas. It can be used in decking, railing, pavilion, bridge, tables and chairs, handrail, flower box, dustbin and pallet, etc.
1. Q: Material
A: 55% wood power+35%HDPE +10% chemical additives.
2. Q: Will composite decking fade? A: After the first summer the colour will have lightened up 10% and then will remain stable. Being a recycled product a slight colour variation from batch to batch can be expected.
3. Q: Is composite decking hot underfoot? A: In hot weather conditions, kimberley composite decking boards are a similar temperature to comparably coloured timber surface temperatures. The lighter the colour the less it will heat up. High capacity of UV-resistance.
4. Q: Does the panels warp if in a hot sun?
A: Resistant to warp,cracking and splitting.low price wood beams

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