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Economical pharmaceutical metal separator

Product description
Economical pharmaceutical metal separator adopts German technology, it has stable performance. Specifically designed for the pharmaceutical and health care industry, and it has the rapid integration and removal of metal foreign body detection system.
It is applicable to the pharmaceutical industry, such as tablets, capsules, powder and other metal impurities
Product features
1. Processing speed can reach about 15000 pellets per minute
2. It can handle a variety of categories of drugs, in order to save space, it take a more compact frame design
3. In order to keep health and safety, using SUS316# stainless steel material in the metal detection part
4. The PVC part is used in the automatic sorting device
5. The detection sensitivity is higher than the industry standard, the highest can be detected is greater than the diameter of 0.2mm ball;
6. With memory and learning function, it can automatically understand the characteristics of the product, effectively eliminate the product effect;
7. With its all stainless steel structure ,it is waterproof (IP66) and anti vibration, it has strong adaptability to the environment and temperature changes, it’s easy to clean;
8. Self diagnostic function;
9. Modular component replacement, it’s easy to maintain
10. In order to facilitate the management, it can be set password by users, managers,sales, etc.
11. Multi language function selection (Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, etc., other languages can be customized according to demand);
12. Comply with HACCP, GMP, GAMP, FDA, IFS, ISO9001 and other related certification standards

Specification parameter
Adjustable angle 30˚ ~ 40˚
Input port size150mm * 100mm
Pipe diameterФ30mm
input Height adjustable800(MAX+150)mm
Exit height adjustable350(MAX+150)mm
Notes: The sensitivity in the table is the test block falling freely through the detection of the pipeline,the actual detection sensitivity may be different according the characteristics of the product or the working environment,it should be based on the actual detection sensitivity;buy Metal Separator

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