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 Betreff des Beitrags: 'Jay Boo' fired in the J. League over Ligers - Japanese high
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Jay Chou, the striker of Connolly Sapporo, feels he has scored more goals in the league than Gary Liliker, the legendary striker in England,

The 35-year-old moved from SCG Muangthong United to the Japanese league in early 2015 with Jubilo Iwata before moving to the Consoles in July of 2017.

The top flight of the League of the Sun has gone 26 total, while Ligue has been in the Nagoya Grammys 2 years but was injured in the J-League only four shots.

'Jay Boo' to

The Guardian

"I want to be the first Englishman to win a championship in Japan. That would be a great success for me. "

"I'm happy. I'm the highest-scoring player in the English league that Gary Liliker has played. I am a success. "

"I just want to be the best footballer I have ever been, to dedicate myself, to keep myself well. And enjoy every day "

In fact, the 2015 season started with Jupiter, with Jubilee, and made 20 goals as the top goalscorer, leading the promoted team to play in the J. League since 2016.

The young Arsenal said. "Let's see the league. There are many Japanese footballers in Italy, in England there are 2-3 people, in Germany it is full. There are a lot of Japanese players in many places. "

"Japanese football has a good level. They may be a little tough, but the technique is very good. There are many cool people here. High standards. "

"Look at the FIFA Club World Cup at Kashima Gareth Real Madrid than Ronaldo to score goals at the end of the season. It indicates the standard. This is not a walk. It's very close. "

"I expect and hope Japan will do well in the World Cup."เว็บ พนัน บอล ออนไลน์

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